Catagorising your Requirements

Dependent on the function of your blade we can help you find your best fit. 

Non Ferrous cutting
Ferrous cuting

From lumber mill to furniture craftsman our blades service your need

We manufacture blades optimally designed to cut aluminium,  copper, brass and various composites.

We have a wide variety of solutions aimed for ferrous metals such as Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel.Cast Iron.Alloy Steel

Make the best cut through any fibre with our sharp functional circular saw choice best suited to your material.

We too understand that not any blade is accredited to be used within the food industry. Let’s keep it clean.

Cutting an item is different to burning through it. We can help you find the best solution to your plastic cutting whilst leaving your product edge and blade life well in tact.

Textile Cutting

Optimal cutting is determined by understanding the geometry and material needed to manufacture your cutting solution.